Défi Active tes pieds – How it works

How it works

Find out how to rise to the Challenge as a family for a more active life!

Why participate in the On Your Feet Challenge?

Did you know that by being active, you lower your personal risk of cancer? However, in Canada, 85% of adults and 93% of youth don’t get enough exercise to maintain long-term health.

The On Your Feet Challenge encourages families such as yours to adopt healthy habits by integrating active transportation into their daily lives. A simple and fun way to get more exercise every day!

What is active transportation?

Active transportation lets you go from point A to point B without using the energy of an engine, but by relying on yourself and your own physical energy.

Going to school on foot, the pharmacy by bicycle and your friend’s house by scooter: these are a few examples of active transportation!

How to participate in the On Your Feet Challenge?

For you and your family to be able to participate, your school must first register here. Once the school is registered:

  1. Register yourself in the On Your Feet Challenge before October 7, 2018
  2. From October 8 to October 26, add up your kilometres and those of your family members to help your school cover 6,000 km, the equivalent of the distance between Montreal and Costa Rica. You can enter your kilometres here.
  3. Discover the distance covered by your school and the prize winners in the week of November 5.

Bonus kilometres!

Teachers wanting to contribute to achieving the goal more easily can register their class in the Challenge. They can obtain bonus kilometres by participating in certain events or by organizing activities.

Events/Activities.  Number of km added
 The school organizes an activity called La rue pour tous. 50 km
A teacher organizes a walk or active break with schoolchildren (minimum of 15 minutes).

10 km (per block of 15 minutes)
A teacher or the daycare service will organize an activity among those offered in the educational kit. 50 km
 The school participates in the big contest Danse comme WIXX 5 mega contest. 50 km
The school organizes a closing activity (for instance, gathering children to congratulate them for having participated in the Challenge). 100 km
The school analyzed the potential implementation of the Trottibus during the past three years (analysis and parent surveys). 50 km
An information stand (for instance, in daycare) is set up to inform parents about when the On Your Feet Challenge is being held. 50 km