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The On Your Feet Challenge promotes an active lifestyle by encouraging students and their community to choose active transportation as a means of improving their physical and mental well-being.

Two ways of getting involved

Accompany your participating child

This person encourages their child and their teammates to meet the Challenge by using active transportation in order to achieve the goal set by the team.

Team Leader

This person signs up, encourages, and motivates their team, made up of people from their community (neighbourhood), throughout the Challenge. They are also responsible for entering the kilometers traveled by their team on the online portal.

Accompany your participating child

What is the On Your Feet Challenge?

For 4 weeks, the On Your Feet Challenge invites students, families and school communities to accumulate 6,000 active transportation kilometers, the equivalent of going across Canada from coast to coast. Active transportation refers to getting around on your own steam: walking, cycling, etc. It’s a simple and effective way to improve your health while mitigating climate change.

From October 16 to November 10:

  • Switch to active transportation to get around and rack up as many kilometers as possible!
  • Accumulate kilometers by walking, running, cycling or jogging*.
  • Discover a thousand and one ways to use active transportation, a fun reason to wear out your shoes.
  • Collect tons of digital badges that would make the keenest Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts jealous!

*Sidesteps, unicycling and walking backwards are permitted.


By taking part in the On Your Feet Challenge, classes, families and schools can win one of many participation prizes.

Opportunities for using active transportation and racking up kilometers:

  • Take a walk in the neighbourhood (take an active break from your workday).
  • Walk around the school.
  • Jog around the neighborhood or in a park.
  • Go on a weekend bike ride.
  • And more!

Participation Steps


Join your child’s school team and encourage your loved ones to do the same.


Support and encourage your child in achieving their goals by using active transportation during the Challenge. Keep track of the active transportation kilometers you traveled with your child. At home stick the chart provided by the school staff member on your fridge.


At the end of the Challenge, return the completed chart to the Challenge coordinator of your child’s school. This person will enter the kilometers accumulated on the online portal.

Tutorials and Tools

Consult our awareness tools, educational cards and video clips to support your children in achieving their teams’ goal.

Team Leader

Who can be a Team Leader?

Anyone in the community connected to your child’s school can be a Team Leader, which includes parents. Ask your child’s brothers, sisters, cousins, aunts, uncles, grandpa and grandma to be part of your team. Your child can accumulate kilometers both with you and with his class, which will make it easier for the school to achieve its objectives.

Why organize the Challenge?

Becoming a Team Leader is a great way to motivate your child and everyone around them to use active transportation more often. It’s a stimulating project for your community that allows you to combine utility with pleasure: using active transportation for health reasons and to do your part for the environment. It’s also a great opportunity to become more involved with your child’s school so it can better meet the challenge it set for itself and to earn a chance to win fun prizes.

Examples of activities that can rack up kilometers

Travel by foot, by bicycle or trott scooter to:

  • go to the grocery store, convenience store or pharmacy;
  • go to school or work;
  • walk the dog;
  • go to the park, cinema, or store;
  • go to the daycare;
  • and more!

Sign-up Steps


Check to see if your child’s school is already signed up via the Collective Strides platform. If it isn’t, follow the process to ask a school staff member to sign up the school via the online portal.


Talk about the Challenge to people you know and recruit new members. Find a team name, set a goal, and sign up the Collective Strides portal.


Encourage your child and your family members to rack up as many active transportation kilometers as possible during the Challenge. A digital or printable chart can be used to allow everyone to track the kilometers they traveled.


At the end of the Challenge, participants in your family must give you the completed chart. You must then add up the kilometers accumulated and enter them on the online portal.


Visit ParticipAction for inspiring ideas on how to encourage physical activity in your classroom. Each 15-minute video clip equals 2.5 km along your cross-Canada trip and another opportunity to earn badges along the way.

Artères communes

One account, a slew of opportunities to get moving! Adopting a healthy and active lifestyle from an early age reduces the risk of developing cancer. After more than 10 years of promoting active transportation among youth, the Canadian Cancer Society decided to launch Collective Strides in order to merge all of its active transportation initiatives. Sign for the On Your Feet Challenge and for any other Collective Strides initiative using this single account.

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