The Prizes – Active Tes Pieds

The Prizes

Take part in the On Your Feet Challenge and attempt to win a special prize for your school! A draw amongst all the participating schools will determine the winner! Three prizes are to be awarded: one for a primary school in Ontario, one for a primary school in Quebec, and one for a secondary school in Quebec. The draw will take place on November 14, 2023.

Highschools - Quebec

École nationale de l'humour

École nationale de l'humour

1 first prize worth $ 1000

30-40 minute comedy show including content adaptation based on the audience (age, language, etc.)**
**Administrative regions 9 and 10 are not eligible for this prize.**

Elementary schools - Quebec

SÉPAQ - Aquarium of Quebec

SÉPAQ - Aquarium of Quebec

3 prizes of $ 105 each

1 virtual activity of your choice. This pass allows you to enjoy one hour of virtual company with an educator for an educational and interpretive activity.**
**The winner must book their virtual activity with the sales department of the Aquarium and provide this letter (prize) to the managing employee. This letter is valid until November 14, 2024.**

Offered by: SÉPAQ

Elementary schools - Ontario

Gift card for sporting goods - SportCheck

Gift card for sporting goods - SportCheck

1 prize of $ 500

The winner will receive a $ 500 virtual gift card.

Artères communes

One account, a slew of opportunities to get moving! Adopting a healthy and active lifestyle from an early age reduces the risk of developing cancer. After more than 10 years of promoting active transportation among youth, the Canadian Cancer Society decided to launch Collective Strides in order to merge all of its active transportation initiatives. Sign for the On Your Feet Challenge and for any other Collective Strides initiative using this single account.

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Congratulations to everyone!

The Challenge is over. The winners will be announced in the coming weeks.