Terms and conditions - On your feet

Terms & conditions – Quebec

(See terms & conditions – Ontario)
1.Nature of the competition:

It’s an initiative that encourages Canadians to accumulate kilometers as part of the daily trips they go on with family, friends or school. The On Your Feet Challenge is organized by the Canadian Cancer Society in collaboration with the ECCC. To take part, teams and schools must register on the onyourfeetchallenge.ca website and record the kilometers they traveled during the three weeks of the campaign. Participating in the On your feet Challenge also makes you eligible to win prizes.

2. On Your Feet Challenge period:

For teams, the registration period begins September 1st, 2022.
Participants will be able to accumulate the kilometers they covered between midnight, October 11, 2021, and 11:59 p.m., October 29, 2022, the deadline for recording trips.
The Challenge takes place from October 10, 2022 to October 29, 2022 inclusively.

3. Eligibility:

In Quebec, eligible participants are the general population aged 18 and over, people aged 50 and over, young people aged 18 and under accompanied by a supervisor, all Quebec elementary schools, as well as class teams and daycare services affiliated with a registered school.

4. How to participate?
  • Visit the onyourfeetchallenge.ca website.
  • Complete the registration form and record at least one trip between October 10 and 29, 2022.
  • A participant who has made at least one active transportation trip and registered it on the On Your Active Challenge platform is eligible to participate in this campaign. The Canadian Cancer Society reserves the right to check the identity of the participant as a schoolchild or staff member of participating schools. If the winner does not fulfil the contest criteria, another name is drawn. Prizes are drawn in the order mentioned in item 5.
  • One family can only create a single account on the Web platform.
5. Prize:
5.1 Prizes
  • The prizes to be drawn will be specified before the start of the Challenge on our website. Stay tuned!
5.2 Distribution
  • Prizes will be drawn taking into account the type of participant and the administrative region. Prizes will be distributed based on the ratio of participants by region.
6. General conditions:

6.1. The winners’ names will be announced by November 29, 2022.

6.2. Winners will be notified of the details of their prize by email or by phone. They will then have five business days to claim their prize. If a winner refuses his/her prize or does not claim it within the prescribed time, this prize will be awarded to the next winner, who will be subject to the same rules as those previously stipulated.

6.3. By participating in the On Your Feet Challenge, each winner grants the organizers permission to publish his or her name in various media without any compensation in return.

6.4. Prizes will have to be accepted as described below and cannot, under any circumstances, be substituted for another prize or exchanged for cash.

6.5. The Canadian Cancer Society team is in no way responsible for any problem related to prizes and will provide no guarantee in relation to them.

6.6. The Canadian Cancer Society will not be held responsible for the breakdown of the website during the contest period; problems or technical defects of a network or telephone lines, online computer systems, servers, Internet service providers, computer equipment or software; and the inability to receive registrations or other information related to the contest for whatever reason, including but not limited to, technical problems, network or website congestion or any combination of these problems. It will also not be held responsible for any injury or damage to the computer or device belonging to the participant or anyone else related or the download of any contest material or its consequences.

6.7. All electronic addresses must have a corresponding valid email account which can be identified by a reverse search of the domain name. Automated and/or repeated registrations (including, without being limited to, registrations through any script, macro, bot or contest service) will be rejected and messages from these addresses or related electronic or IP addresses may be blocked. When a registration is found (by the contest sponsor at its exclusive discretion) to be duplicated, only the first registration will be deemed valid if it respects the rules (as determined by the contest sponsor at its exclusive discretion).

6.8. If, because of a printing, production, online, Internet, computer or other error, whatever the nature, the number of coupons and/or the prizes claimed are greater than what was intended for distribution or award according to the rules, in addition to suspending the contest, the contest sponsor reserves the right to cancel claims for coupons or invalid prizes and conduct a draw among those entitled and eligible to determine the correct number of coupons and/or prizes (if applicable). Sponsors will not, under any circumstances, be responsible for awarding a higher number of prizes than announced (no matter what prize level) under the current rules.

6.9. By registering for this contest or claiming to participate in it, each participant agrees to release and discharge releasees from responsibility for any loss or damage, whatever the nature, due to the contest or participation in any activity related to it – including, but not limited to, participation in any activity related to the contest, or if the participant is confirmed as the winner, the use or abuse of the applicable prize – which the winner or anyone else will be subjected to, including, but not limited to, any violation to the person, death or damage to property.

6.10. In case of a dispute about the identity of the person who has registered, the contest sponsor reserves the right, at its exclusive and absolute discretion, to assign the registration to the authorized holder of the electronic address submitted during registration. “Authorized holder” is defined as the person to whom the electronic address was assigned by an Internet service provider, an online service provider or any other organization (for example, school, etc.) responsible for assigning email addresses for the domain name associated with the address submitted.

6.11. The contest rules can only be found on the onyourfeetchallenge.ca website.

6.12 By registering for the On Your Feet Challenge, you implicitly agree to be contacted by the Canadian Cancer Society for surveys, promotion of cancer prevention activities and service evaluations.

The Challenge starts here

Registrations are open for fall 2023