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The Challenge

Get on your feet to cross Canada… and nothing less!

What’s the  On Your Feet Challenge?

Throughout the three weeks, the On Your Feet Challenge invites students, families and school to travel 6,000 kilometers by active transportation – the distance from one end of Canada to the other. Active transportation is about getting from place to place using only your body’s energy, such as walking and cycling. It’s a simple and effective way to improve your health.

From October 10th to 28th :

  • Switch to active transportation for your trips and accumulate as many kilometers as possible!
  • Accumulate kilometers by walking, running, cycling or scootering*.
  • Discover 1,001 ways to use active transportation, a fun reason to scuff your shoes!
  • Collect a ton of digital badges, enough to put the Scouts to shame!

*Walking/running side-to-side or backwards and using a unicycle are also fine.

Amazing participation prizes

By taking up the On Your Feet Challenge, you could win one of many participation prizes .

How to participate?

1. By Octobre 10, 2022
Sign up your school online at

2. By October 28, 2022
Sign up your team (family, classes) online at

3. From October 10 to 28, 2022
Count your active transportation kilometers and keep entering them to help your school accumulate 6000 kilometers.

After the challenge
Stay tuned to hear who won the Grand Prize and the participation prizes.

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The Challenge starts here

Registrations are open for fall 2023