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Unveiling the Winning Schools

of the Active Your Feet Challenge 2023!

3 Primary Schools in Quebec!

  • Sainte-Marie de Warwick School
  • J.-P.-Labarre de Varennes School
  • Maurice-L. Duplessis Annex in Saint-Hubert

SÉPAQ – Aquarium du Québec, a prize valued at $105.

One hour of virtual interaction with an educator for an educational and interpretive activity.

1 Primary School in Ontario!

  • Madeleine-de-Roybon Public Elementary School in Kingston

Sport Check sports equipment store gift card, a prize valued at $500!

1 Secondary School in Quebec!

  • Reine-Marie College in Montreal

École nationale de l’humour, a prize valued at $1000.

Welcoming two graduated comedians from École nationale de l’humour to their school for a 40-minute comedy show!

Congratulations to all the winners, and kudos to everyone who embraced active transportation this fall!

How to participate

School Staff Zone

Teachers and school staff are encouraged to either organize the Challenge at their school or to become a Team Leader for their class or daycare service.

Student Zone

Once the school is signed up for the Challenge by a school staff member, each student can choose to become a Team Leader for their class/group of friends or to sign up as a participant.

Parent Zone

Parents are encouraged to create teams with their family or to help their children meet the Challenge. We also offer tips and advice on how to achieve this.

Congratulations to everyone!

The Challenge is over. The winners will be announced in the coming weeks.


At the primary school level

By taking part in the On Your Feet Challenge, Quebec classrooms, families and schools can win a virtual educational experience offered by Sépaq. It’s a unique opportunity to connect with nature without having to travel on a school bus. As for Ontario schools, competitors can win a 500$ SportCheK card.

At the High school level

By taking part in the On Your Feet Challenge, Quebec schools can win a comedy show experience offered by the National School of Humor.

Thank you to our partners

Artères communes

One account, a slew of opportunities to get moving! Adopting a healthy and active lifestyle from an early age reduces the risk of developing cancer. After more than 10 years of promoting active transportation among youth, the Canadian Cancer Society decided to launch Collective Strides in order to merge all of its active transportation initiatives. Sign for the On Your Feet Challenge and for any other Collective Strides initiative using this single account.

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