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The On your feet Challenge is a turnkey and free activity for primary and secondary schools. It promotes a healthy lifestyle by encouraging students and their community to choose active transportation. This initiative supports their physical and mental well-being while having a positive impact on the environment. If every school in Quebec and Ontario takes up this challenge, we can collectively reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by nearly 8,000 tons.

Two ways of getting involved

Coordinate the Challenge at your school

This person signs up their school for the Challenge and serves as an ambassador to their school community. We provide them with tools to promote the Challenge.

Be a Team Leader for your class

This person signs up, encourages, and motivates their team throughout the Challenge. They are also responsible for entering the kilometers traveled by their team on the online portal.

Coordinate the Challenge at your school

Who can coordinate the Challenge?

This person must be a school staff member (teacher, educator, leisure technician, member of the board, etc.) who is committed to promoting the Challenge within their community.

Why organize the Challenge?

  • It’s a free, turnkey project that requires little effort.
  • It provides learning opportunities for students on such topics as road safety, mitigating climate change and optimizing health.
  • It gives students a hands-on, enriching extracurricular activity.
  • It promotes cooperation and a sense of community belonging.
  • It allows you to model leadership by showing your students the importance of taking positive steps towards bettering their health, the environment and the community.

Sign up steps


Create your account on the Canadian Cancer Society’s Collective Strides portal.


Check to see if your school is already signed up. If it isn’t, sign it up by completing the form on the online portal.


Download the promotional toolkit.


Using the promotional tools, invite your school community to create teams (a team can be a class, a group of friends or colleagues, a family, etc.) and to sign up on the online portal.

School Curriculum and Tools

Take advantage of the On Your Feet Challenge to integrate such topics as active transportation, the environment, road safety, and health into various parts of your curriculum.

Team Leader

Who can be a Team Leader?

Tout le milieu scolaire primaire et secondaire*: des enseignantes/enseignants, des amis/amies, une famille, une classe, etc.

Why be a Team Leader?

  • To promote an active lifestyle by encouraging students to choose a mode of transportation that improves their physical and mental well-being.
  • To help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • To show how a community can change society for the better by making a collective effort.
  • To promote an active lifestyle that reduces stress and anxiety.
  • To be a role model for your students.

Sign-up Steps


Create your account on the Canadian Cancer Society’s Collective Strides portal.


Come up with a team name and sign up your class as a team.


Inform students and parents about the Challenge using the tools in the promotional kit.


Motivate your class to rack up as many active transportation kilometers as possible during the Challenge. Add up the kilometers accumulated in class.

Example of an active break to take in class: jumping jacks

Ask your students to get up from their chairs.

Explain to them that they are going to do jumping jacks by spreading their arms and legs.

Show them: jump with your arms and legs spread apart, then return to your starting position.

Ask your students to follow your lead and to perform a series of 10 to 15 jumping jacks.

Encourage them to jump as high as they can and to stretch their muscles during the exercise.

After the series of jumps, ask your students to sit down and to return to their classroom activities with renewed energy.


Visit ParticipAction for inspiring ideas on how to encourage physical activity in your classroom. Each 15-minute video clip equals 2.5 km along your cross-Canada trip and another opportunity to earn badges along the way.

Artères communes

One account, a slew of opportunities to get moving! Adopting a healthy and active lifestyle from an early age reduces the risk of developing cancer. After more than 10 years of promoting active transportation among youth, the Canadian Cancer Society decided to launch Collective Strides in order to merge all of its active transportation initiatives. Sign for the On Your Feet Challenge and for any other Collective Strides initiative using this single account.

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