The Challenge – Active Tes Pieds

The Challenge

The Challenge

From October 16th to November 10th, meet the On Your Feet Challenge with your school by making your way across Canada using active transportation. 

You will enjoy new experiences, stay healthy, and do your part to improve air quality and mitigate climate change.

What is active transportation?

Active transportation refers to getting from point A to point B using your own body’s energy. This can include walking, cycling, scootering, using a wheelchair, inline skating, etc. It means you’re being active while on the go. 

Who is the Challenge for?

It’s for primary and secondary schools in Quebec and Ontario. The idea is to mobilize the entire school community, including family, friends, students, teachers, management, staff, etc.

*This year, the Challenge is offered to elementary and secondary schools in Quebec and elementary schools in Ontario.

Why participate?

The On Your Feet Challenge is much more than just a challenge. It’s an opportunity to change the world on a small scale, while taking care of yourself and your community. By getting involved and using active transportation as part of an active lifestyle, you will help save the environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improve your own physical and mental health.

You will also strengthen ties with your community given that the On Your Feet Challenge rallies students, teachers, parents and the entire school around a common goal. It’s a chance to show that each small step counts for a healthier and more sustainable future.

Taking part in the On Your Feet Challenge means you have become an agent of change, someone who is ready to make a difference for yourself, for your community, and for the planet. So why wait? Join us today to embark on an active and engaging adventure!


Participating in the On Your Feet Challenge gives your school a chance to win a unique prize! A draw will be held among participating schools, with three prizes up for grabs: one for a primary school in Ontario, one for a primary school in Quebec and one for a secondary school in Quebec.

Winners will get to see a comedy show right at their school, which is sure to be a fun and memorable experience for students and the community. The draw will be held on November 14, 2023, and the winners will be contacted afterwards.

3 ways of getting involved



This person is the Challenge ambassador within their school community.


  • Sign up their school for the Challenge.
  • Download the promotional guide and toolkit.
  • Actively promote the Challenge within their school.
  • Encourage participants throughout the Challenge.
  • Congratulate participants and announce the results at the end of the Challenge.

Team Leader


This person serves as their team’s coach.


  • Create and sign up the team and choose a name for it.
  • Set a goal of kilometers for the team to accumulate.
  • Encourage, influence and inspire team members to achieve the goal.
  • Accumulate active transportation kilometers.
  • Enter the kilometers traveled by the team on the online portal.



This person is an asset to their team.


  • Commit to being an active and involved participant.
  • Use active transportation to go to school, to the park, to a friend’s house, etc.
  • Enter the kilometers they accumulated on the online portal.

Challenge Process


To participate, you must first sign up your school. Once it is signed up, you will have access to a connected account where you will find all the information you need to take part in the Challenge.


Under the “Tools” tab, download the turnkey promotional toolkit for school coordinators. This kit contains ready-to-use tools for promoting the Challenge within your school community.

The best method: Visit classrooms and explain the Challenge using the service offer, which you can then send to the parents of your primary school’s students and to staff members.


Participants can create a team made up of classmates, a group of friends, family members, etc. Once the team has been created, the Team Leader must then sign it up and set a team goal.


For 4 weeks starting October 16, inspire your school to get around using active transportation as often as possible to help it rack up 6,000 kilometers–the equivalent of a coast-to-coast trip across Canada. 

Enter your daily kilometers on the portal, track the progress of your team and your school as they make their way across Canada, view team rankings, earn badges, and earn a chance to win the Grand Prize.

Artères communes

One account, a slew of opportunities to get moving! Adopting a healthy and active lifestyle from an early age reduces the risk of developing cancer. After more than 10 years of promoting active transportation among youth, the Canadian Cancer Society decided to launch Collective Strides in order to merge all of its active transportation initiatives. Sign for the On Your Feet Challenge and for any other Collective Strides initiative using this single account.

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